Your landscaping is an important investment to your property that directly affects the long-term value.  Coast Landscape Contractors have been giving a wide
range of Landscape services to our commercial clients for more than 25 years, including:

o        Lawn Care
o        Maintenance
o        Landscape Construction
o        Irrigation Systems
Coast Landscape
Commercial Services
Coast Landscape is a full-service landscape provider that has been successfully serving commercial clients in both the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara
counties for over 25 years.  Coast Landscape offers a complete range of landscape maintenance services for our commercial customers, including:

*Lawn Mowing and Edging  *Tree and Shrub Pruning   

*Tree Care  

*Fertilization   *Pest Control   *Turf Aeration  

*Ground-cover Pruning

*Spring and Fall Clean-up  *Seasonal Flower Programs

* Irrigation System Maintenance/Repairs   

*Landscape Enhancements and Restoration

Coast Landscape’s maintenance services are performed by educated, trained, and uniformed personnel.  We can create a customized maintenance schedule
specifically designed for the maintenance of your commercial site.  Knowledgeable supervisors oversee each project to assure customer satisfaction.
 Commercial Maintenance
Our crews maintain all turf areas in a healthy, dense and attractive condition by mowing, trimming, and edging.  Mowing and edging is done weekly, and we
recycle all clippings.  We trim around sprinklers as necessary to ensure proper functioning and coverage.  Turf areas adjacent to sidewalks, curbs, paves
areas, fixtures, and shrub or ground-cover areas are also trimmed to maintain a crisp edge and neat appearance.  Turf is irrigated as necessary to maintain
healthy growth and appearance.  Fertilization schedules are also used for both weed control and pest control.  All applications are applied according to label
instructions, pest control advisor recommendations, and in compliance with all state regulations.
  Lawn Care
 Landscape Construction
Coast Landscape's crews are professionals with experience in landscape, irrigation construction,
hardscape construction, and other site development services.  We have a diverse background in
commercial and industrial landscapes, public facilities, parks and recreational facilities, sports
fields, shopping malls, hotels, and much more.  

With an increased emphasis on the environment, Coast Landscape continues to educate
ourselves in the latest technologies and construction methods as they relate to the environment
and put those methods to work in our projects.
 Irrigation Systems
Investing in an irrigation system for your business or community is often a necessity
to maintain the beauty and protect the investment of your landscape design.  Coast
Landscape is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology and utilizing quality
products so you can be assured that your irrigation system will offer superior service.
 Coast Landscape employs only the best trained installrs and service technicians to
care for your commercial properties.  From industrial to commercial applications, to
subdivisions, single businesses or football fields, our commitment is to install and
service the best irrigation systems available.

Our commercial irrigation systems are designed to meet the unique needs of every
landscape and are monitored and programmed to operate at maximum efficiency.